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The next regular Clinton Township Board of Trustees meeting will be in person at 999 Chambers Rd. at Noon on Wednesday...

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Free Gun Locks for Township Residents »

Clinton Township Police are actively involved in the safety of our community. That's why, after just receiving a...

A little girl watches as Santa rides down a snowy street on top of a Clinton Township fire truck.

Holiday Parade on December 18th »

Santa will make his way through the streets of Clinton Township during the Holiday Parade on December 18th. The Jolly...

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FC Sheriff's Department Outreach Event »

On Saturday, November 13th, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office brough its Mobile Command Unit toTownship Hall, for...

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Electric Vehicles Did You Know? 

  • The first police car was bought in Akron, Ohio in 1899. Its first assignment was to pick up a drunk man.
  • The Collins Buddy Company produced the car for $2400, or $65,000 in today’s money.
  • Two 4hp electric motors powered the battery-run vehicle.
  • With a top speed of 18 mph and a range of 30 miles with the batteries fully charged, this 5,000-pound “paddy” wagon was equipped with electric headlights, a gong, and a cell for prisoners.
  • The first horseless police vehicle ever introduced in the States, it had seating space for 12 people and was operated by Officer Louis Mueller Sr.
  • The car, which was designed by the mechanical engineer Frank Loomis, was often called a squad car, since it was used to transport a squad of police officers to a scene.
  • According to the US EPA, Clinton Township’s Tesla Model Y police cruisers have a 326-mile range and the Model 3 used by Code Enforcement can go 250 miles before needing charged.
  • Clinton Township’s Tesla Ys have dual all-wheel drive 384hp engines and the Tesla 3 is a rear-wheel drive dual 284hp engine vehicle.
  • If you are considering an electric car, many new battery-electric models exceed 300 miles on a single charge.
  • Charging stations are in your neighborhood and across the country at pharmacies, banks, and tourist attractions! Check the links below to search for charging stations where you live and where you’re going!

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EV Charging Stations Links:


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Find every public charging station for electric cars | ChargeHub

Who else is using EC?

Tesla Model 3 becomes more popular as NYC yellow cab - Electrek

10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles, Sending Auto Industry a Message - Inside Climate News


Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Information

Why Recycling Matters

The amount of waste created by central Ohio residents and businesses is staggering.  In fact, every resident generates an average of 9 to 10 pounds of waste each day, of which half comes to the landfill.  With only so much landfill space available, it’s more important than ever that we reuse, recycle, compost or divert as much as we can.

Recycle Right LogoClinton Township has teamed up with SWACO to give give you more infomation on how to Recycle Right. Click Here to find out more!