Building Department Fees

For all items inspected by the Building Department, the applicant must provide four sets of plans, application, approved zoning compliance, and a non-refundable deposit of $225.00. Fees are due and payable upon receipt of approved plans or notice during construction.

Part 1 - Plan Examination Fee

Plan examination fee will be assessed according to the following schedule and will cover the cost of plan review by the plan examiner:

FeeTownship Administration Fee
$75.00 / Hour$100.00

Part 2 - Permit Fees

New Building, Additions, and Renovations

  1. Permits for new buildings, additions, and renovations to existing buildings shall be issued to include only the work shown on the approved plans or specifications.
  2. Fees for the new buildings, additions and/or renovations to existing buildings shall be based on floor or surface area to be computed as follows:
  3. All floor or surface areas including garage, and basement and floors measured to the outside dimensions at each floor level.
  4. Crawl spaces and attic areas shall not be included.
  5. In buildings or areas where there are not walls, the area enclosed by the outside dimensions of the supporting columns shall be included.
  6. In buildings or area where a roof is supported by a single row of columns, the horizontal projected area of the roof shall be included.
  7. Square footage fee schedule applies to area of work for addition and renovation projects.
TypeBase PricePrice for Each 100 Square FootTownship Administration Fee
HVAC / Refrigeration$250.00$5.45$100.00
Fire Alarm$250.00$5.20 per device$100.00

 Minor (Minimum) Permit Fee

Renovation in area less than 100 s.f. for building or where a limited amount of work is to be performed for.
Structural(Less than 100 s.f.)$200.00
SignsIncludes foundation, electrical and final inspection$150.00
ElectricLess than 6 fixtures/devices$150.00
HVACLess than 6 fixtures/devices or tying into existing ductwork$150.00

Part 3 - Miscellaneous Fees

Occupancy (Commercial) A requested inspection for the purpose of checking for compliance with;
or changing the use group or occupancy of an existing commercial building with no work proposed which would otherwise require a building permit
Annual Inspections Where an inspection is required by the State, the County or the Township$200.00
After-Hours Inspections Per hour and per inspector$250.00 / Hr.
Penalty Fee Assessed when building, electrical, heating or refrigeration work commences without a permit.Permit fee x 4
Re-inspection Per occurrence$150.00
Inspection Card Replacement of card$50.00
Transfer Per permit, per transfer$200.00
Permit Renewal After one – year$300.00
Preliminary Plan Review Per hour$100.00
Temporary Electric Service$150.00
Any and all applicable Sate FeesTBD
Certificate of OccupancyFinal certificate is due and payable with Commercial building permit fee$75.00
60 Day Temporary Certificate of Occupancy$500.00