Code Compliance

What is the responsibility of Code Compliance?

Code Compliance is the process of preventing, inspecting and mitigating nuisances on public and private premises relating to health, safety and the general well-being. This is done by: maintaining a healthy environment, protecting property values, reducing crime, and involving community

What are the major items we deal with?

  • Junk vehicles on public and private property
  • Violations of property use conditions 
  • Substandard or dangerous buildings 
  • Permitting for construction 
  • Excess vegetation 
  • Occupied motor homes & trailers 

How do we solve issues?

  • Work with public for voluntary correction 
  • Work with other government agencies 
  • Empower citizens to assist 
  • Engage legal methods for compliance 

What tools do we use?

  1. Notice of Violation - This notice will include, the issue which the township finds in violation and steps which need to be taken to correct. This may be done orally or in writing. 
  2. Voluntary Correction - We work to help residents correct the issues easily themselves and try to help in any way we can. 
  3. County Zoning - Some violation currently require the help of Franklin County Zoning. This can include contact from Franklin County, violation notices or even legal proceedings by the County against the property owner. 
  4. Abatement - This is when the Township, through the approval of the Board of Trustees and a closely followed legal process, will engage in a cleanup and the costs will be billed through the property taxes. 

Who do I report issues to?

Please use this form to contact us with any violations you may wish to report.