JEDZ Income Tax

What is the Clinton - Grandview Heights JEDZ?

Clinton Township residents voted in 2013 to establish a Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ). The creation of the JEDZ allows Clinton Township to collect an income tax on companies doing business in the zone. Clinton Township partners with the City of Grandview Heights for administering and collecting the JEDZ income tax. This took effect on April 1, 2014.

How do I know if my business is subject to JEDZ tax?

Give the local tax team a call to confirm whether your business is in the JEDZ and should be paying JEDZ income tax: Scott, 614-481-6207 or and Joe, 614-340-5241 or jcurtin@grandviewheights.orgYou can also review the Parcel Listing to see which parcels are in the JEDZ.  

What is the JEDZ tax rate?

The tax rate is 2.5%.

Am I required to file a JEDZ tax return?

All businessess that operate in the JEDZ must file a JEDZ tax return.

Where do I file a JEDZ tax return?

All JEDZ tax returns are filed through the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), and can be submitted via U.S. Mail or electronically on the RITA website. To register as a new business, we recommend completing the RITA Form 48 (Business Registration) or 75 (Individual Registration) to get your new account set-up prior to filing your initial return. The RITA system requires businesses to have an account set-up in advance in order to quickly and conveniently file a tax return online during tax season.