Impounded Vehicle Release Information

* You no longer need to appear in person at the Police Department to retrieve your vehicle *

Vehicles impounded or towed for safe keeping by Clinton Township Police may be released in the following manner.

All vehicles not held as evidence, or seized by court order, may be retrieved at the towing storage lot, located at 3220 Cleveland Avenue.  Their phone number is 614-261-0177

Your vehicle may have been towed by A&A Towing, All Points, K&K Towing or Capitol Towing, however all vehicles will need to be retrieved from the All-Points storage facility at 3220 Cleveland Avenue.

At the storage facility you will need to present the following documentation:

A valid State Photo ID or Driver's License

Proof of Ownership of the vehicle

A copy of the impound form provided by the police at the time of incident

Payment for any fees associated with the vehicle towing and storage, paid directly to the storage facility


** Any vehicle seized by court order or held as evidence will need to be released by the Police Department **