Public Works

Leaf Pickup Policy - 2nd week of Oct to 2nd week of Dec

  • Leaves should be raked into a pile next to curb or berm. Piles can be stretched out along your property.
  • Keep out foreign objects such as cans, bottles and other trash.
  • Please do not mix brush and sticks in with leaves; this could clog the leaf vacuum and hinder progress.
  • Please do not pile leaves on top of catch basin drains.
  • Please do not mix in yard waste with leaves, such as flowers, garden waste, bean pods and stalks. These types of yard waste should be bagged as yard waste and put out for trash pickup.

Brush Pickup Policy

Begins 2nd week of April - Ends 3rd week of September

  • All brush should be placed near the road with the cut ends pointed towards the road if possible.
  • Tree limbs and small trees should be left in one piece if possible. It is easier and faster to feed long lengths into the chipper than several short ones.
  • Do not tie bundles. Only bundle if brush is meant for trash pickup. String and wire could damage the township chipper.
  • We cannot take any roots. Root balls must be cut off and put out for trash pickup.
  • All brush must be free of foreign materials, such as, wire, string, rope, Christmas decorations, plastic, or paper. Any of these items can damage the chipper.
  • Yard waste, such as grass clippings, hedge trimmings, fruit vines, weeds and leaves must be put in yard waste bags and put out for trash pickup.
  • Brush hauled onto property or left by professional trimmers will not be picked up. Please leave all brush at the front of the property it originated from.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Corey Fleig Public Works Superintendent (614) 471-1479